Zoning Office

Brent Shafer - Alternate Zoning Administrator - e-mail bartontown2@gmail.com or phone 802-673-4762

The Zoning Administrator is available by appointment at the town office, 34 Main St. Barton VT.

Permits may be obtained at the town clerk's office or downloaded below.  Zoning maps are available below along with the bylaws and town Plan.

Minutes and agendas of DRB meetings are available below.  In addition, audio recordings of these meetings are available in the following google drive folder:


The Vermont Electric Power Company has asked us to provide a link to their site for information on permitted and non-permitted uses of transmission rights-of-way.  We hope you find it helpful.

Zoning and Subdivision Fees


1. Recording Fees Required for All Permits Required by State Law:

Recording fees and certificate of compliance fees are included in all permit fees below.


2. Residential Structures:

New residential structures, additions,                                                            $130 + $.05 per sq. ft.

alterations & accessory buildings,

excludes uncovered 4 ft x 4ft entrance platform with steps


3. Change of Use                                                                                                                           $130


4. Commercial Structures:

New commercial, industrial, etc….                                                                          $280 + $.10 per per sq. ft.

Commercial additions, alterations & accessory buildings


5. De Minimis Telecommunications                                                                     $130


6. Signs                                                                                                                                         $130


7. Development Review Board Hearings                                                              $165


8. Subdivisions                                                                                                                             $115 + $50 per lot

Lot Line Adjustment                                                                                                                 $115 + $50 per lot


9. Legal and Professional Expenses

When the Development Review Board needs legal, engineering or other professional

         services to render a decision, the cost shall be borne by the applicant.

DRB Meeting Minutes, Agendas, and Notices

DRB Meeting Audio Files

Zoning Permits

Zoning Maps

Zoning By-laws and Town Plan